Saturday, October 25, 2008

Stuffed Cabbage

Cabbage ($.75)
1can tomato soup diluted ($.50)
½ onion chopped (.50)

Meat filling
1 lb lean ground beef ($2.50)
½ onion grated into meat ($.50)
1 tsp salt and some pepper
1 c. brown rice ($.50)
1 egg ($.25)
Mix together and set aside.

Meanwhile cook cabbage whole in water (salt water) until tender (about 15 minutes after water boils). Pull out head and put in cool water. Once head cool enough to handle peel off leaves. Don’t be worried the fist several layers will be mush and you will not be able to use those leaves just set them aside to throw back into the pot when you cook rolls. Stuff leaves and roll, put seem side down back in pot (water removed). Cover with diluted tomato soup (depending on the size of the pot you may need 2 cans of soup.
I serve this with pierogies. While my grandmother would be terribly disappointed in me I just buy frozen. It will run you about $3. Put a dollop of sour cream on both the rolls and the pierogies and ENJOY.
If you make this with really lean ground beef it is actually a very, very healthy dish. It is filling and a great hearty winter dish. It made 12 rolls. With the pierogies it the total was $8.50, if you add a salad you are right at $10. You could also serve it with mashed potatoes for about $1.50 instead of the pierogies.

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Bunny Trails said...

Oh YUM!! I priced out my version of this and with the expensive beef I buy it upped the price a bit but still NOT BAD! I came in for just the beef and cabbage w/ grass fed beef from Brookview Farm and organic veggies right at $11. Still not too bad!! As always, great recipe!!